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About CRPR - The professional, experienced and excellent public relations firm. Strategic consulting, crisis managment and public relations. For results - contact us!
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About CRPR

In 2012, after a decade of taking part in a variety of roles in the communications industry and in leading PR offices in Israel, Daniel Cogan and Yaniv Rosenberg combined forces and founded "CRPR" – a public relations firm specializing in communication consulting, media coverage, business communications and public relations for conferences and events.

Throughout their careers Daniel and Yaniv have been treating a vast number of customers in various fields and sectors, including: Energy and Infrastructure, High-Tech, Industry, Real Estate, Tourism, Environment, Science and Medicine, Transportation, Education and Society, and many others.

We are engaged in raising awareness of our clients, building a public image in the media, strategy and campaign formulation and their execution, preparation for interviews and their initiation in the various media systems, analyzing communication situations and surveys, media commenting, public relations and more.